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Realistic TSCM training experience with a simulator based on real-world science.


Site Survey VR™ is a training environment where students can practice operating a set of tools before using them in real life. The purpose of the application is to provide a less expensive and more scalable alternative to real-life practice.

Students have access to a suite of tools: Measure Tool, Ladder, DSLR Camera, and Digital Voltmeter. In this simulation, the student is tasked with performing a full survey of a target site, locating objects and points of interest, and recording their notes using the Player Tag System. After each training session, a log of the student's activity is saved for a post-operation review using the Session Review Mode. In Session Review Mode, users can browse through a comprehensive history of all user actions from a single training session and inspect individual actions. This system allows both instructor and students to engage in critical analysis discussions about the student's performance -- further enriching the quality of the student's learning experience.

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